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Diary of a Wimpy Adult: Jan 5th, 2017

My day started commuting into the city– getting out of Bart my eye was drawn to a woman shooting up heroin and, climbing the stairs towards Market, I just barely avoided a human turd. Welcome to San Francisco, the city … Continue reading

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I Got a Tan in Seattle

Life works in mysterious ways, or maybe I should say, we come to mysterious revelations in places and at times when we least expect them… There is some backstory here, so bear with me— this backstory is rooted in two … Continue reading

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E is for Earthquakes

According to geologists, chances are high that, in millions of years, the so-called Salinas landmass (including San Diego, LA, Big Sur and Santa Cruz) will move north and attach itself to San Francisco due to the very active San Andreas fault line which runs parallel to the California coast. Continue reading

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C is for Castro District: San Francisco’s Gayborhood

We will not win our rights by staying quietly in our closets. ~ Harvey Milk The Castro District in San Francisco wasn’t always a gay neighborhood; at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was called Little Scandinavia due to … Continue reading

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A is for Alcatraz

We all know that Alcatraz is a hit for tourists and that it’s pretty sketch to do the evening tour that comes with all the gruesome sounds of prison life, but I find a visit to this sin bin a freaky reminder of the state of prisons and prison policy in the US. Continue reading

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