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An American woman who was married to a Dutchman once told me that as she was learning Dutch, she found it consisted of all sorts of sounds American mothers tell their children NOT to make as it could possibly damage … Continue reading

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Chapter Two: To Be Published Elsewhere

Sorry folks, but if you missed the riveting content of Chapter Two before I pulled it, do not panic. The piece will get published elsewhere.

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Chapter One: “A Language that No One Speaks”

Flashforward, Spring 2006: When I mount the steps of Dwinelle Hall with my 8-year-old Caroline, she’s panting and squeaking like an old church organ. Caroline doesn’t like sport, doesn’t know the difference between baseball and basketball and doesn’t believe in … Continue reading

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Going Dutch on the Berkeley Campus: Prologue

Prologue: Teetering on the Brink Summer 2004: My husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table as if we were a bunch of silent second-rate actors against the backdrop of a sparse and tired set by Harold Pinter. We … Continue reading

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Going Dutch on the Berkeley Campus; WE’RE ON!

Hi Folks, Traffic was insane for my last blog post so I am going to take the plunge and release my manuscript about my years at Berkeley, teaching a language that has/had a certain appeal to a very eclectic group. … Continue reading

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Shall I Feed this Manuscript to the Fire?

As we are ready to leave our happy home, I’m finding discarded manuscripts. One of them contains essays on my experiences teaching Dutch at UC Berkeley (2004-2014). I wrote them in Dutch but I am thinking of translating them, because … Continue reading

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