My February News: I’m Becoming a Vegetarian…

download-1I see that traffic to this blog has slowed to a crawl, so time to put in another blog.

The last few weeks were kind of a wash because of that horrid flu that lots of people have been grappling with. I continued to work and exercise until I could no longer because of an infection in my ear and both eyes filling up with pus, but after an infusion of antibiotics, I’m back in the running, i.e. working, spending time with Henry Miller (see my last blog here) hosting dogs and coaching students.

Last year, I resolved to update you every day, as a way of making myself accountable and trigger an audience, but this year I want to make myself accountable on other fronts, and these concern my overall health.

Over the Christmas Break I was listening to Will who told me about intermittent fasting and the health benefits. I then happened to watch The Science of Fasting on Amazon Prime and I was amazed by what I heard. Mind you, most of the research has been done on mice but findings so far are interesting in terms of cell reparation and the prevention of diseases like cancer and Type 2 Diabetes. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry just wants sick people so they can sell more pills, and with fasting there is nothing you can sell, except for fasting “spas” which were, in fact, featured in The Science of Fasting, but this explains, I hope, why we have heard so little about this.

Intermittent fasting (stop eating at 8 PM, resume eating at noon, but make sure you eat healthy stuff in between) may not have the same effect as going on a fast for say three weeks, but if you exercise daily, which I have resolved to do this year as well, you need some fuel to keep you going.

Speaking of fuel– for years I have been wondering about cutting out meat from my diet. The research is well-established on that front. There are all sorts of reasons why everyone should consider becoming a vegetarian, the most prominent being the environmental one, i.e. we should keep cows from farting if we want to preserve the planet.

Secondly, if you’re a lover of animals, eating them is just not right. The pain and trauma at slaughterhouses is something I no longer want to be a part or the cause of.

Thirdly, meat is bad for you, and possibly gives you cancer.

Fourthly, with all the deregulation that is going on under the Trump administration, I can’t trust our government anymore to ensure quality meat. If controls fall away, it becomes easier to slaughter sick animals or feed animals with animals (mad cow disease, here we come) and that affects our general public health.

As a Dutch person, I simply cannot cut out dairy (yet). I shouldn’t be eating fish either, but for the occasional protein, I may be tempted to eat fish on occasion.

To give credit where credit is due: Will has been an inspiration but then so has Caroline, who became a vegetarian years ago.

Yesterday, I did my first grocery run for the week. Interesting, how we’re all deformed by our habits. Staying away from the meat counter wasn’t that hard, but filling up my cart with veggies and fruits felt different, promising and light.

54018738315__56D90A8C-9906-4BF5-8ED6-09CD0EB8B41B.JPGLast night, Jon and I feasted on a West African tomato peanut soup. It sounds totally weird but it was awesome.

I’m “coming out as a plant eater” in this blog, not because I want to brag but because I want to make myself accountable to you my dear reader, and the world.

Here’s to plants, and lots of them. Just don’t tell me plants have feelings, too…


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3 Responses to My February News: I’m Becoming a Vegetarian…

  1. Alicia says:

    Good for you Inez! Matt often fast for several days to weeks through out the year and his health, weight, spirit always greatly improved. He was a vegetarian for 17 years but it caused testosterone problems with him as he aged. so moderation for many might be a solution too? Also be careful if you’re on any type of Thyroid meds, all the Soy did a number on me when I was a vegan. Now we try to keep everything in moderation, have eliminated gluten, and most red meat. Now, all we need to do is drink less, sleep more, exercise more … oh who am I kidding. I’ll just admire you. Keep us posted and spread recipes too! Your awesome good luck!

  2. lankyn says:

    Good luck with the vegetarian diet, Inez! I might try some of your recipes too.

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