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How “Showboating” and “Gaslighting” Makes Everyone Yearn for Dullness

I’d like to ask my fellow Americans how they’re doing, now that we’ve had President Trump at the wheel for more than an entire year. Maybe some of you revel in the scandals that seem to come out of Washington … Continue reading

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I’m So Sad…

So here we are… in the aftermath of yet another school shooting and I must tell you, it has driven me over the edge. I felt frazzled all day yesterday and my anger has not abated. But don’t feel sorry … Continue reading

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My February News: I’m Becoming a Vegetarian…

I see that traffic to this blog has slowed to a crawl, so time to put in another blog. The last few weeks were kind of a wash because of that horrid flu that lots of people have been grappling … Continue reading

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