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The John Muir Spa… Better Yet: We Are Going Home!!!

Every time I’m thinking that this is my last post for 2017 but this year seems to want to rip open the wound and twist the knife a little while longer. It’s like the party guest that won’t leave, even … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I realize I owe you another update after a concerning Facebook post about Caroline. I appreciate and want to thank everyone who has reached out. After blood tests and an EKG she has been referred to a rheumatologist and cardiologist … Continue reading

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A Christmas Wish…

  This has been a strange and stifling year, but the earth keeps spinning on around the sun, and, having come to the midlife point myself, I’m making a serious effort every day to welcome the dawn, bask, if only … Continue reading

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Extremism in the Defense of Liberty?

Long before I moved here and barely even knew what America was or stood for, I heard people say: Everything is so extreme in America: Hurricanes that rip out trailers with the people and pets still in it, earthquakes that … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Bike…

This year has been intense. If we aren’t watching the news, we’re on social media and nowadays it seems that every little bit of white space is devoured by noise. This can’t be good for the soul. And it wasn’t … Continue reading

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I need your help and this is why…

This has been a bit of a roller coaster of a weekend because my recent visit to UC Berkeley brought back bad memories of what I experienced at the University and I wrote an emotional blog about it. It was … Continue reading

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