DREAMFEST and Alicia Keys

Don’t ask me how I got into Dreamfest last night, but I did. For the uninitiated: Dreamfest is the big Salesforce conference in San Francisco. Read: Nerd Central, with people swarming the city hanging out their Salesforce badges and swag like they have just won the membership lottery to a very special club.

Tickets for this conference go for $2000 a pop, and money did go to Children’s Hospital, so I ain’t going to knock that. The Salesforce CEO is one of the most altruistic of geeks and setting an example for others to shed some of their wealth and give it to charity rather than hide it in shell accounts.

downloadWhat the hell. I just wanted to see Alicia Keys who was the featured artist last night in AT&T Park. She didn’t come on until 10PM but when she entered the stage, she knocked it out of the park. Pregnant with her third child, she was owning the stage like a diva and a queen. Loads of charisma and a voice that makes your spine tingle. But it was 10PM and, to our consternation, we saw streams of people leaving the park, as if she were the after party instead of the hottest ticket in town.

What was wrong with these people? It felt sacrilegious and… could Alicia see it from the corner of her eye? I mean people were leaving as if word had just got out they would miss their shuttle bus to their hotel, and might have to sleep in a cardboard box in the Tenderloin.

Jon and I tried to make up for this lack of respect by draining our lit phones like teenage idiots and singing along until our voices got hoarse. Have some respect, I wanted to tell those sheep leaving in droves, for the pop icon had a message for all of us, speaking of love holding us together and winning (and it did, in Virginia last night). And for god’s sake, she hauled her pregnant ass onto that stage to entertain all of us– I’ll stop there.

When it was over and Jon and I walked out with the inebriated crowd, a guy asked me if I were from Finland (?!). He was obviously tipsy and Jon thought he was hitting on me and he may have been right because when I said: “I’m with him”, pointing to Jon, he said: “You’re with him?!” Conversation over.

We didn’t hit the sack until 2 AM. I’m too old for this.

Yes, yes, now I know why those people left early… They may live longer and happier lives as recent sleep research shows that getting your 8 hours in will help you fight disease, promote weight loss and make you more productive. So I will die prematurely and fat and utterly unproductive (as this blog bears out) but WTH, I saw Alicia Keys in concert and no one can take that away from me.

You might as well live…


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4 Responses to DREAMFEST and Alicia Keys

  1. Edith says:

    Totally agree! last time I went to Handel’s Messiah at Grace Cathedral (want to come this year?) many people left before and even in the middle of “I know that my redeemer lives” which is the most beautiful song of the whole Messiah. What the hell?!

    • Edith, I’m glad there are more people having this experience. Would love to see Handel with you in Grace Cathedral. Shoot me an email when that is about to happen.

  2. ingmccleary says:

    That’s how I feel when 49er fans start leaving in the 4th quarter if the Niners are more than a touchdown behind. They’re actually helping to nail the coffin because without the crowd to bolster them & cheer them on, they play lackadaisically & the rest of the event is just that more depressing.

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