Marlborough Country, NZ: Clothes Optional…

After a good bit of driving– more scenic highways but WTH every road is scenic in this country, I kid you not… we arrived in Marlborough Wine Country, which exceeds Sonoma and Napa in natural beauty and way fewer crowds. IMG_0303.jpg


Jon had found a glorious campground, which looked like and English garden, literally in the backyard of New Zealand’s most famous Sauvignon Blancs.


The campground hadn’t officially opened yet and that was a good thing we realized later as it was a nudist campground, but since the season hadn’t started yet, there was no need to disrobe. It wasn’t until later when we had proper wifi that Jon could download the pictures of the place, which included a picture of what seemed like the owners in full nude regalia. I have no problem with nudism per se (if you have a problem with seeing other people naked, it’s not their problem but your problem) but it does seem curious that some people with excess skin and pounds do seem to want to go nude more often than those with divine bodies. So maybe I have a problem, after all, as well.

Now we’re waiting for the ferry to go to the North Island after biking for a bit in the wine country and tasting some Giesen and New Zealand’s champagne/champanoise label “No1”. We were tasting the bubbly with some folks from Scotland and admittedly, as a former college prof, I always told my students that there are no stupid questions, but one of the Scottish lasses did ask a stupid question, namely how does one get a cork into the bottle? The answer: with a machine.

I did learn that grapes are still hand-picked for the higher quality wines, which shows, I hope, that not everything can be replaced by machines (I work in translation, as some of you know, and my fear is that we will be replaced by machines, too, but when quality matters, machines don’t have all the answers, I guess).

The ferry needs to be loaded with cars, so I’ll stop right here. I’ll leave you with another picture, showing the Kiwis have a good sense of humor.


With all the stuff we’ve broken on this vacation, we tried not to take it personal.

Onto Wellington…

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  1. Edith de Jong says:

    Interesting nudist theory there…..:)

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