August 6th: Why I Love Americans…


This country is mega polarized at the moment but I want to keep reaching out because if we choose party over people, we’re not being true to the values this country was founded on.

There are two things that I love about Americans: it’s their generosity and optimism. To highlight the generous part, I want to tell you a funny story that happened to me last night in downtown San Francisco.

For our anniversary (and thank you all for the well wishes on FB!!!), Jon and I went to see Diana Krall in concert at Davies Symphony Hall. It was simply amazing… Krall mesmerized the audience and gave no less than four encores because she was having such a good time. The band was phenomenal and the music unforgettable. So needless to say, I came out of their simply glowing– as if I had just had sex but in a cerebral way. 

As Jon was calling a Lyft, two of them canceled on us, it was drizzling and we wanted to get out of there to get to our hotel. Civic Center Plaza just isn’t the greatest part of town. And that’s an understatement.

But I was still glowing, simply watching traffic go by while Jon was glued to his phone.

And mind you (and to preface this) my best years are really over. I may have looked like Lady Di one day (as some of you have noted and really, I’m not worthy), but my looks are fading fast, that spare tire around my waist is real and I don’t think of myself as pretty. Pretty is the term I’d use for my millenial daughter– who is, in many ways prettier than I ever was when I was her age.

So as I was staring into traffic, I locked eyes with a woman who was driving by in the passenger seat and really, I was about to look away because she seemed a trifle tipsy when she was yelling at another driver through her open window. I expected another insult in the making directed at me but she yelled: “You’re beautiful!”

Well, that came out of left field… and for a split second I thought she was mocking me…

But then she turned to Jon, who was still chained to his phone and yelled: “Hey– you… hey asshole, you need to tell her tonight she’s beautiful!”

I gave her a thumbs up and Jon, feeling attacked, yelled back she needed to get another drink to make her shut up. And I was almost like: “What did you do that for?”

Generosity. It was a generous gesture of a fellow American and I want to thank her because it made my evening.

And for the record: beautiful, I’m not. It was Diana Krall who brought that about…



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  1. ingmccleary says:

    Hey that’s much better than hearing another tipsy woman yell, “Hot cougar” at me while I was walking with my family on a summer night at the Reno strip (another place that attracts marginal characters).

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