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August 21st: As Another Summer Fades Away…

On this rather gloomy eclipse kind of day (haven’t really looked yet but then I’m in a spot where there’s not much to watch), I’m taking stock of the summer. My summer was mostly filled with work but I want … Continue reading

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August 14th: Will Dutch Comfort Women Be Forgotten?

August is a busy month for the Indo-Dutch community, because of the official ending of WWII in Asia and the many commemorations this triggers. There‚Äôs now another day to put on your calendar and that is August 14th, which is … Continue reading

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August 6th: Why I Love Americans…

This country is mega polarized at the moment but I want to keep reaching out because if we choose party over people, we’re not being true to the values this country was founded on. There are two things that I … Continue reading

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August 2nd: English only– and what message it sends to our children…

Let’s face it: the Trump White House is the most incompetent and deceitful we’ve seen in the history of this country and when things go south, you need to throw your base some red meat, and that’s what happened this … Continue reading

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