July 26th: Sleep and Other Wimpy Trivia

images-1So how are you sleeping?

My month of July has been so stressful and busy that my nightly average is probably a measly 5 hours which is much too wimpy if you want to perform like a champion. I have noticed that as I get older, sleep is harder to come by at night, and easier to come by when watching a movie matinee. What the fuck? I’m officially old.

And, as more sleep studies and research tell us: Sleep is mega important to fight disease and now also Alzheimer’s. Lots of coffee turns out to be good now as well but we can’t have it all, can we?

So I’m working on it, i.e. I’m trying to hit the sack before midnight but that can be tricky because if you’ve been working late, which applies to Jon all month, and me only part of the month, you need to unwind, but watching the news doesn’t help.

As a child, I was a total insomniac and part of me doesn’t want to sleep at all: Aren’t we sleeping away one third of our lives?

And then there is this thing called REM sleep– the really important sleep that needs to happen for us not to go bat shit crazy… I think my average is an hour a night which is far from rosy, but hey, if I get sick from lack of sleep, I might as well go bonkers too as it would make life more entertaining. At least for the people around me…

Of course this is all sleep filler. I’ve been chained to my desk all month, so there’s very little to tell you, apart from the fact that I’m chronically sleep deprived…

The only excitement came in the form of a deer. As Caroline was putting some IKEA furniture together in my room, I had opened the back door. I heard Teddy bark in the backyard with an intensity and aggression of me going through menopause, and then there was some movement and the sound of someone jumping through dry grass and as I look up, I see a giant deer jump onto our patio, and ready to jump into our room as if it were eying that new IKEA furniture. I stood up and the deer then made a quick turn to escape along the side of our house.

We have many deer here in Orinda, and we don’t always see them at night– we’re encroaching on their territory it seems, and they get hit by cars, eat our flowers and get chased down by little dogs who have the egos of lions (Napoleon complex we call it). It must be a really stressful life– especially now that we’re going into the dry spell of the summer, and food and water may become more scarce.

You’ve gotta wonder how they’re sleeping, and well, I betcha my REM sleep is far better than theirs…

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