May 24th: I’ve been Wimping Out on You

The moral crisis of the 19th century has merely given way to the spiritual bankruptcy of the 20th. It is the “time of the assassins,” and no mistaking it. Politics has become the business of gangsters. The peoples are marching in the sky but they are not shouting hosannahs; those below are marching towards the bread lines.

~ Henry Miller, The Time of the Assassins, A Study of Rimbaud

I apologize.

Work has meant long days and I haven’t had much time to blog, let alone think a single original thought, but I won’t bore you with that sort of trivia.

I’ve been reading Henry Miller’s study of Rimbaud, an artist he felt great kinship with. I fell in love with Rimbaud in High School, but I will have to reread him, and polish up my French in the process…

And… Rome is burning: have you been following the news?

By Rome I don’t mean Rome and that enlightened Pope, but our country… it has all the hallmarks of an empire going down, and just with the Roman Empire, it wasn’t/isn’t Nero/Romulus or Trump per se– they were/are but expressions, results and symbols of the corrupt and decadent times we live in. We have sabotaged ourselves by not paying attention.

“Politics has become the business of gangsters” Henry wrote and the line has stuck because every time I see our dear President, I see a mafia boss who will do anything to throw anyone under the bus, as long as he and his family survive. The Presidency has been bought by the Trump conglomerate, and his base is still buying it and snorting it like crack cocaine.

In his study of Rimbaud, Henry makes a passionate plea for being a rebel and for leading the creative life, for therein lies our salvation. When people want mere bread and games, they have become enslaved and are incapable of revolt.

While Silicon Valley is still booming and buzzing, we have defunded the arts in our schools and have stifled the creative impulse. If you take that away and don’t stimulate people to think for themselves or think outside of the box, you create blind followers who will not contribute but who are very useful… no, absolutely necessary in authoritarian and repressive regimes.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out of college, refusing to drink the Kool-Aid. They followed and nurtured their own inner light/creative impulse, rebelled against the status quo and created their own empires, which has kept our economy afloat on the world stage but now we need the innovators, the creators, the rebels, the freethinkers in our government… but where are they? Bernie Sanders was a disrupter but the system, corruption (yes, liberals engage in it too) killed his campaign. The system has become autocratic, incapable of absorbing change or what is best for the American people. We have become like Russia and not because Trump is in bed with dictators and demagogues.

Henry Miller got it. He’s saying the same thing over and over again. But he was sabotaged, too. Not because he was feared for being an original thinker but because America couldn’t stomach his sex scenes.

We need to rediscover him and the Henry Millers in our society, for they will lead the way, lift up the poor and always choose peace over war and love over hate.

Resist… and if you have some spare change, fund my new book:

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