May 8th, 2017: Time for the 25th Amendment yet?

You know, Jon and I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend, riding our bikes, meeting friends for dinner, reading, immersing myself again in Tropic of Cancer, trying to stay away from the news, watching the sunset– in other words, America before the Fall.

May 8th, 2017 is the 63rd anniversary of my parents who got hitched in 1954. It was a hopeful time: they had survived WWII, and well, the Cold War seemed like a piece of cake from our current perspective, but then when the Berlin wall did come down, we all thought that our Western liberties and way of life truly were here to stay. My parents are both deceased and, in a way, I’m glad that they don’t have to witness the charade that is the White House. Their world, I realize, was a lot more predictable than ours is and the current horse and pony show is putting everyone on edge.

Take for example the following development of today, which put some severe cracks in the serenity I felt over the weekend:

2017-05-08_1724 We all knew Sally Yates was going to testify today about Mike Flynn being damaged goods and the President probably knowing about it, but Flynn was his buddy. It was Flynn after all, after he moved into the WH, whom he summoned at an ungodly hour to ask what was better: a weak or a strong dollar? (Wharton Business School diploma? My ass). These two men and conspiracy theorists were Siamese twins at campaign rallies and when Flynn had to go, Trump was peeved and never said a bad word about this man who was seen sitting next to Putin at an event in Moscow. Whatever. I’m not a journalist and you can read all about it in the fake news, which, as it happens, really isn’t so fake at all, because the real fakery and lies come from Don’s Twitter account.

The above tweet he opened with this morning was a real low point for me. Here he was going after Sally Yates, who spoke up but was retaliated against by Trump who… fired her because she was doing her job and protecting our democracy and constitutional process.

For a president to go after and intimidate someone who is about to testify, is the stuff that dictators do. Use the strong arm to suppress free speech and the facts. This tweet was followed by several other delusional ones tonight in which Trump tried to deflect and seemed to obsess so much about this hearing that he’s basically showing his own anxiety, and possibly guilt. At this point, I realized: this is not about Russia any more. This is about how severely mentally ill the president is. Because besides NPD, which everyone can see from a mile away, he’s delusional as well, suffers from paranoia, has no clear sense of reality and who’s who and what’s what, and well, he may be experiencing from Alzheimer’s, too, as he’s struggling with short term memory issues. He is, in other words, a national security risk.

But everything hinges on the GOP, and judging from the Sally Yates hearing in which two Texan senators tried to smear her for being partisan rather than doing her job as an AG (it won’t stick, because she’s as clean and real as integrity comes), the GOP is not going to do anything any time soon. So the country is taken hostage by a madman who’s probably more incompetent than Woodrow Wilson was after his massive stroke. And with that, they shit on the American people and put the whole world at risk.

Nonetheless, I call on the GOP to do what’s in the best interest of the country and world security. There are a few lone GOP souls who put party aside and watch out over the fate of the country, and one of them is John McCain. I’ve written him a letter to thank him for his service, because this man is more than a war hero. Like Sally Yates, he’s speaking out and doing his job.

In my mind’s eye, I see Donald Trump being rolled out of the WH in a straitjacket, because I swear to God, Dictator Trump truly is unfit to remain president of the United States. The sooner the GOP comes to this conclusion, the sooner the country will be saved. Saved from WWIII, and maybe even more important: saved in the court of world opinion.

After the Macron win in France, we’re the only country and morons in the free world who, like the German people in the 1930s, voted a megalomaniac psycho into power. There’s a lot of making up to do, even if Trumpster gets picked up for the looney bin tomorrow.

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2 Responses to May 8th, 2017: Time for the 25th Amendment yet?

  1. lankyn says:

    Unfortunately the UK looks set to join you … Trump fan Theresa May is probably about to be elected by a landslide, demanding presidential (indeed, dictatorial) powers in what is supposed to be a parliamentary democracy. People all over the world are rushing downhill squealing like the Gadarene swine (not in France though – ha!)
    Love the blog, by the way.

  2. This is a really great post and you should put it out somewhere as an op ed or letter to the editor or more outlets…. huffington….somewhere….

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