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May 31st: Watch The Keepers (Netflix)

This week I became absorbed with Netflix’s crime documentary The Keepers about the sexual abuse of a priest who got away with it for years by being moved to another school/church (Remember Spotlight?). At one of the schools, a nun … Continue reading

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May 29th: Giving Back…

On this Memorial Day, “giving back” seems an appropriate topic, so I want to share the following with you. When my kids were growing up in Orinda, which is a sheltered and affluent community in Northern California just outside of … Continue reading

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May 24th: I’ve been Wimping Out on You

The moral crisis of the 19th century has merely given way to the spiritual bankruptcy of the 20th. It is the “time of the assassins,” and no mistaking it. Politics has become the business of gangsters. The peoples are marching … Continue reading

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How Henry Miller is really good for midlife crisis, or when you feel low and want to go travel…

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m swamped with work and deadlines, and while I’m reading Henry Miller religiously, I won’t have time to blog or write this week. Therefore, I’m giving you (for free) the opening of my … Continue reading

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Why You Should Go See Dorothea Lange at the Oakland Museum…

Thanks to an invitation from our dear friends, Ken and Melanie Light (Ken Light is a well-known photographer who was greatly impacted by Depression photographer Dorothea Lange– and, for the record: his work on the Central Valley is also part … Continue reading

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Of Endings and New Beginnings…

The last few days have been days of endings and new beginnings and there’s nothing more exciting than that. As I told you in my post last week, I decided to leave my abuse & conflict work for Nextdoor because … Continue reading

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May 8th, 2017: Time for the 25th Amendment yet?

You know, Jon and I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend, riding our bikes, meeting friends for dinner, reading, immersing myself again in Tropic of Cancer, trying to stay away from the news, watching the sunset– in other words, America … Continue reading

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May 4th, 2017: When Remembering Also Means Making up for Past Mistakes…

And so the one minute of silence descends upon the Netherlands again…To remember the war dead. Growing up in the Netherlands, this was a big deal for a country that had lost more than three quarters of its Jewish population … Continue reading

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May 3rd: Life’s Too Short for People to Rain on My Parade…

No, my office assistants are not dead or sleeping off their hangovers: they’re conked out from the heat, because, as I told you yesterday already, the weather has decided to skip Spring altogether and now we’re in the middle of … Continue reading

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May 2nd: Password Hell

Not sure why hell is on my mind but we went from Winter and incessant rain to hellish heat which triggered a rabid hunt for bike shorts and shorts in general and well that took a while… Then when I … Continue reading

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