April 24th: The Uber Unter Mensch

Hey folks– my day was taken up with work today, so I can only really report on my dogs’ sleeping and farting habits.

That said, I did take a 20-minutes’ lunch break and read a revealing article about Uber in the New York Times: the CEO sounds like an absolute scumbag, who, like our Creep-in-Chief is all about winning, even if that means breaking the law. What have we come to? I hunger for decency, humility and respect. You too?!

In fact, the piece in the NYT made me feel awesome, as I was recruited last week by no one less than Uber. It was an interesting position, the company is in San Francisco… but I declined to go for an interview because I have committed to two other companies for the next two months. Surely, part of me was tempted but after reading that article (and I highly recommend you read it, too), I was so glad I turned that one down. Karma, babe. Or as a friend once told me, and I’m sure I’ve quoted him before: Life’s too short to work for assholes.

In fact, I took Uber off my phone and will never take them again. Lyft screens their drivers better anyway. I hope you do the same. If we can’t fight this sordidness by taking to the streets, we can make our voices heard with our wallets. The buck has gotta stop somewhere.

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