April 21st: Trivial Shit of a Wimpy Adult

Did you miss me at all?

Oops. I didn’t write for two entire days, and it’s because I was working my tail off and I didn’t have much time to do anything else. What do the Parisians say: work, eat, sleep, shit, shower and do it all over again? Or something like it, although in French it sounds a helluva a lot better.

There really isn’t much to mention at all as I’ve been working from home all week and my office mates were my dogs. As some of you know who follow me, Frankie’s still not up to his normal self. He’s got some muscle weakness, which means that he may fall asleep close to the edge of the couch, and then just fall off like a sack of potatoes. Stairs he falls off too, like pudding trickling down the stairs. Finally, the other day, when I took both dogs out for a quick walk (and I use one leash for the both of them), Teddy was pulling Frankie which was intense because as I looked over my shoulder, Frankie had fallen again and was on his back, being dragged through the fresh wood chips of the edge of the neighbors’ garden. I had a vision of people being dragged behind cars in hate crimes, and yes, there’s some rivalry going on between Teddy and Frankie, but I tried to read nothing into it.

In some of the spare time I had, I tried to write more on my campus novel (I can see the finish line now, woohoo) and started my Henry Miller reading which I will preserve for my Henry Miller blog (see https://spendingtimewithhenrymiller.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/why-henry-miller/).

I will say this.

Mark Twain said that if you love a book, you should read it every ten years and you’ll find that every time it’s a different book, not because the book has changed, but because you have.

Launching into the Henry Miller stuff, I’ve felt I’ve reached an age where I see some of the richness that I might not have seen when I was twenty, because at twenty we’re too busy growing up and at fifty, well, if you allow yourself, the world, and books open up in layers and nuances that you may not have seen or noticed before.

Also, having digested American lit for this many years, but having lived in this country for this long, my comprehension of things, my overall sense and understanding of things seem so much sharper and more intriguing that it actually enhances my joy of being here and living in the fullest sense of the world. Better yet, it takes me away from dwelling on the insanity of Trump mania and bloopers which make me want to go hide under my bed.

So we’re all good. It’s Friday night. Enjoy your weekend. Focus on being bored, because that’s where some of the magic happens sometimes.


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