April 12th: Henry Miller is Back!


Go Fund Me seems like an amazing site for people in need, which is why I had my doubts about putting a creative project like my Henry Miller book on there: http://www.gofundme.com/henrymillerrocks…

I’ve almost raised $500 now and this is the perfect jump start to motivate me to simply launch my research. This weekend, I’m writing a research plan and will start a new blog to keep you updated on my progress and share the juicy Miller bits with you. Jon’s going skiing again, so I’ll have plenty of time to get this gig off the ground.

Otherwise, I have little news to share… our little Frankie still drinks water like a Russian dipso addicted to vodka, which means his tummy gets bloated like a balloon. Something like this but not as cute:


It meant another visit to the vet today. I feel like the Cheers song in there: Where everybody knows your name. They know my credit card number by heart as well…

And then there was translation work, rain, rain and more rain. My blossoming trees and rose bushes are leaning over from the water weight, so you see Nature is completely in sync with our potbellied Frankie.

It’s 5 PM and I need to start thinking about cooking a meal. The dogs want food, too. Can you tell?

IMG_2575 (1)

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