April 7th: Boston, Meeting Will and his Bros

Today we flew to Boston to celebrate Will’s belated 21st birthday. I have a hilarious story about dropping Frankie off at a sitter but I will leave that for later as it’s already almost midnight in Boston and I need to get this blog out.

After an uneventful flight on Virgin, which wasn’t such a virginal experience as there was someone on that plane who seemed to be constantly farting and we kept smelling a whiff of something gross.

We then got a Lyft virgin who took us to Will’s place: the Lyft driver was a lovely Brazilian woman who was very apologetic about her GPS confusion and then confessed we were her first ride. To add to her embarrassment, Jon told her he got mugged in Rio de Janeiro once, after she volunteered the information that Rio was a very dangerous place. No, we didn’t get a discount.

It was great to see Will in his digs and meet many of his frat brothers (Beta Theta Pi): simply loved all the boys we met and they did a little presentation of their chapter and their accomplishments this year. Of all Beta chapters in the country they have the highest GPA in the country, so they aren’t just bros with hoes– they’re nerds. No not really, because they can also dance really well. And they raised a buttload of money for the fight against cancer after one of their brothers died of a rare brain tumor.

I cannot imagine what that must be like, losing a child while they’re in college, so when you see someone like Will, ambitious, happy and loving what he’s doing, all I can say is: we are so very blessed. And we are so very proud. His kindergarten teacher already told us he was special because he had read more than 100 books (an all-time record), and she also told us: there are a few kids whose future I want to have a glimpse of because you just feel they are going to do something great with their lives. Her instincts were right and now I’m going to stop bragging.

On our way back to the hotel, we saw a bunny in the middle of downtown Boston (no we hadn’t been doing any pot or other mind-enhancing drugs) and arriving back at the hotel there were 4 police cars due to a drunken brawl at the bar. Wow. This place must really be hopping on St. Patty’s Day.

Caroline is joining us tomorrow. She just posted the following on Will’s FB wall:


What can I say?! I love my kids.

Stay tuned, as we’ll murder, cheat and fuck our way through Boston tomorrow.

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  1. Janssen, M.L.M. (Marian) says:

    Lovely post Inez. M

    Marian Janssen PhD Biographer, Faculty of Arts Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands

  2. Ingrid W McCleary says:

    Murder, cheat & fuck all in one day? My, you guys certainly are over-achievers!

  3. melanielight23 says:

    What a great post!!!

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