April 5th: Lost in Sorrow over Syria


This Syrian father lost 20+ relatives, including his wife and these darling twins he’s holding. They’re not sleeping. They’re dead.

I’ve been extremely upset with the images from Syria as we all are– not sure what the solution is, but being part of the world community and standing by and doing nothing feels lame and cruel. Jon and I have been sending money to the White Helmets and I’d volunteer to have a Syrian family in my house, but Trump won’t let anyone in. His reptilian brain seems to confuse refugees with terrorists. Many Americans seem to do. Or rather, the ones I meet on Nextdoor.

Winnie the Pooh, (A.A. Milne) is right:

“I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.”

We have lost our way and we need a helluva world leader who can get us out of this existentialist crisis.

Onto more mundane stuff, or rather first-world problems and I apologize if this transition sucks:

I should be cooking, but the mood hasn’t quite hit me, so maybe this blog will give me inspiration (not!). Maybe I need someone to serve me a glass of wine. Just one. And then never drink again… until tomorrow at 5 PM– it’s already 6:40 PM, and when I look outside, the sky is clouding over again. In more ways than one…

Frankie has been drinking more water again. He’s seeing the vet almost every day, and I don’t think we have his health situation under control. This worries me as I have to hand him off to a sitter tomorrow as we have a weekend trip planned, to meet Will and celebrate his belated 21st birthday.

But the good news is: I’m kicking ass with that Challenge– figured I needed to write 2-3 pp/day but I’m ahead of schedule and have written two entire chapters (p. 220) so only have 80 more pages to do before the end of May. Determined to get it done. Just to have that shitty first draft and reorganize, polish, rewrite and get it ready to submit.

So give me a hug, bitches.

I’ll hug you back and as long as we keep it real and can connect as people, we can find a way out– even if it’s out of a hellhole like Syria, courtesy of Assad, Putin, Isis and all the other fuckers who have used innocent men, women and children for target practice.

I’ve said enough. I think I’ll be lighting 25 candles for that poor man in the picture above. It won’t do shit but indifference is the first thing that has to go for us to get off our butts and take action.

Or in the words of Edmund Burke:

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”





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