April 4th: Our-not-so Wimpy Wisteria… and then there was Syria…


Last year, our wisteria didn’t bloom at all…

We feared we had killed it, or maybe it was something in the soil or air

We couldn’t diagnose or see.

But this Spring, it came back

Not as opulently as before, or so I thought,

Since from the house I only saw a few quivering purple flowers

Draped onto some green, as if put there by Monet

When we weren’t looking.

Today, as more evil news about those gas attacks in Syria trickled in

I felt my stomach churn and gasped for air.

So I stormed out into our blooming yard,

And when I turned around

I found above explosion of purple might

in contrast with a hazy muted light.

Beauty is indestructible sometimes

and if that’s the consolation prize for today

I’ll take it…

Although, in all fairness,

I would have gladly sacrificed that whole bush of wild wisteria

If it could have saved one child in Syria…


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2 Responses to April 4th: Our-not-so Wimpy Wisteria… and then there was Syria…

  1. Ingrid W McCleary says:

    Let this year’s Wisteria blooms be in honor of each man, woman & child who died yesterday. Their souls will see them & know that beauty remains in the world.

  2. Beautiful words, Ingrid. Thank you for this!

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