March 29th: Spring Has Sprung…


Where is Waldo, eh, Teddy… the garden has become so lush after all the rain, that we need to do some serious pruning and maintenance… That said, the weather has been glorious and working from home this week, I feel blessed to be able to go on rides during lunch. It’s like being able to breathe again…

I’ve realized I’ve neglected my word of the day/week feature for these blogs and I have a few for you– oddly, they all have to do with food.

When Caroline was here last week, she introduced a word I had never heard before:

  • flexitarian: you are a flexitarian if you have a plant-based diet but occasionally eat some fish or a little bit of meat with your meal.

Jon and I are more or less flexitarians: as we get a weekly box of veggies from a local farm, we eat mostly plants, but I like to complement this with some occasional fish… or just a little bit of bacon can make you feel less of a rabbit and more of a human. Was it Julia Child who said that bacon and butter are the key ingredients to any meal?

  • nothingburger: I think in this era of post-truth and Trumpian hyperbole, the nothingburger has become a recurring non-fact of life… sadly. Urban Dictionary defines it “as something lame, dead-end, a dud, insignificant; especially something with high expectations that turns out to be average, pathetic, or overhyped”. Seems like the word has been around for more than 10 years but I hear this word all the time now, so I think it will stick…
  • hangry: which is a combination of “hungry” and “angry”. Caroline, when she was little, would get in a pissy mood if she didn’t get to eat in time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt angry when hungry, but apparently it’s a thing, and a first world problem at that. There’s a famine again, I saw, in Africa, but I think those folks are way beyond hangry. Anger takes up too much energy, so it makes you even hangrier and before you know it you’ll have a coup on your hands or rebels breathing down your neck, and who wants to go there if you’re hangry already?

Speaking of hangry… did you see that story about that python that ate the Indonesian guy? Swallowed him whole. It sure was a lurid video, i.e. a bunch of people slicing the python open and out rolls this guy intact, but dead of course…

So you see, you may be having a bad day but that is nothing compared to being a python’s dinner. Pythons normally don’t eat people but maybe he was a flexitarian and tried to make a point… clearly, I’ve run out of inspiration, and before this blog becomes a waste of space, I’ll sign off.


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