March 24th: More Rain. Can I hang myself already?


Hey folks! Today was really a good day.

  1. It’s Friday
  2. I got two new clients who have lots of work for me. Translation work…
  3. Best of all ^^ gets me out of the Conflict & Abuse queue at Nextdoor. Won’t miss my assholes and trolls, although admittedly, some of them make me laugh. The other day I had a guy who said: “Have a mattress for sale with a little stain.” The accompanying picture showed a mattress with a red stain so big that Crime Scene Cleaners wouldn’t even touch it. And then the clincher: “Must pick up soon as I’m leaving the country.”
  4. Frankie’s higher insulin dose means fewer urine puddles all over the house. Nothing like going to the bathroom in the dead of night and walking through a sticky substance. And yeah, that bath math that’s been feeling damp for days wasn’t water from the shower either. I feel like a total loser writing this down as I realize you will never want to visit my house… ever or… again.
  5. Trump Care died without even making it to a vote. The Don blamed the Dems, and the Freedom Caucus, and Ryan, and Obama, and Hillary and… well, as you know, he isn’t man enough to ever admit a mistake or take responsibility. So much for The Art of the Deal. The emperor has no clothes.
  6. Caroline was home all week. What fun to see her and talk to her… she’s the best. And how great to meet her friend Eilish.

So why am I in such a pissy mood? I’m in a pissy mood because it’s still pissing with rain– the kind of weather, my dad would say, to go hang yourself.

But the weekend is here and Jon just announced he’s going skiing on Sunday, so anyone who reads this blog– like really read it: reach out to me and let’s go for a hike on Sunday, or a drink, or a coffee, or a decadent lunch. And let’s watch more rain come down, because it’s raining again Sunday. Talk to me… I need to get out of this funk…

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One Response to March 24th: More Rain. Can I hang myself already?

  1. Janssen, M.L.M. (Marian) says:

    Ha Inez, als ik een beetje in de buurt was kwam ik graag langs voor een kopje koffie, of, beter , een glaasje wijn, maar Bloomington – Orinda is nog net iets te ver. Ik hoop dat het weer snel opknapt, maar vooral dat Frankie weer zijn gezonde lieve zelf wordt. Liefs vanuit B,


    Marian Janssen PhD Biographer, Faculty of Arts Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands

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