March 22nd: Odds and Ends, so Pretty Wimpy

I owe you a blog on the birthday of my brother Marc. If you read this Marc, Happy Birthday, big bro! You were always there for me (and us) so I want to thank you for all those years of unconditional love and generosity!


Back to Nursing Home Wiener: just dropped Frankie off for yet another ultrasound. We’ll see…

It’s been raining here again with a vengeance, so I drowned myself in work. Yesterday, I was in the office when the sun came through like a warm blessing and sign that Nature still wants to warm us up, even though we’ve let her down big time. This is the view from my office:


I badly needed to inhale that view because I had just yanked someone for being racist and saying that “America is a Christian country and if you’re not Christian, get out and stay out.” After suspending this member’s account, I received back a rant in all caps, accusing me of being a “racist bitch”. Since I sign my emails with Inez, many (white) people think I’m Mexican or non-American, so when whites are being racist, they think I’m being racist for suspending them but of course I’m white myself, and these days, not very proud of it.

A wise person once told me that “life’s too short to work with assholes” and I think my time has come to quit the abuse of abusive members at Nextdoor (I’ve been called a cunt, a bitch and people have wished I get the worst kind of cancer).

I was hoping for working in some capacity in the International Team at Nextdoor, but I’m now talking to another company for other contract (and translation) work so as soon as that kicks in, I will reduce my daily dose of abuse and forget about that other (international) job at Nextdoor.

In fact, I’m pretty tired of my freelance existence but at the moment I have no choice and have to just suck it up. As our government is slowly being dismantled, I worry that health insurance will go away and that in the end, we’ll all have to self-insure for just about anything. Self-insure for health care, long-term care, job loss, retirement (what retirement?), and other calamities that people in Europe have safety nets for.

I’m not complaining because I have work, and plenty of it, but I do wonder how other people manage.

The vet called– inconclusive prognosis. Still don’t know what’s going on. Frankie continues to lose weight and get dehydrated, even though he’s on insulin twice a day. Life’s a mystery, for better or for worse.



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