March 8th: This is Late and Still no Sex…

Great, just realized I forgot to blog, or “bog” as  a friend of mine used to call it.

Today I was in Morocco somewhere, in a desert valley surrounded by the Atlas mountains– an unforgiving landscape of reddish, brownish sand and desolation. But when night falls in that Berber setting of intrigue, the night sky gives back what we, in the Western world have lost. Our opulence and light blind the beauty of a milky way (i.e. not just a night club in Amsterdam) of stars and planets so pure that, once we see them in the desert, i.e. … really see them like we’ve never seen them before, we regain a part of ourselves that feels more whole and authentic than the last paycheck we dwelled on.


No. I’m not high. Nor am I peddling purple prose. I’ve been translating a screenplay and it transported me to a different world… a good sign that the writing works.

Other than that, little news. Jon’s on the mend, Will’s still in Colombia, Caroline wrote the sweetest note on FB, the dogs are snoring right beside me on the couch, and life is good provided the dogs don’t fart.

Happy Thursday!



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