March 5th: Spring Cleaning?

I think the word of the day is probably wire tapping but I’m not going to go there because I’m quite sick of the innuendo and conspiracy theories POTUS is trying to spin to blame members of the “opposition” (whether that’s the press, Hillary, Obama, the intelligence community, the leakers — you name it).

His base buys everything he says, and that may well be the saddest and most dangerous part. Thomas Jefferson wanted an educated electorate and proposed that education should be free for that very reason. Thomas Jefferson was right. Free education is good, as is mandatory voting. Make it a voting holiday… everyone in this country should consider it her/his duty to vote.

We had another weekend of showers (hail– and snow on Mount Diablo) while Chicago has probably seen the most snowless winter thus far. Will is in Colombia and keeps referring to the jungle, so I hope he’s safe and doesn’t run into any rebels.

I did some spring cleaning today and happened to come across an article that was published in the Thomas Wolfe Review eons ago.  It dealt with smells in Thomas Wolfe’s novel Look Homeward, Angel. I hate to read back my own work, just as I hate seeing pictures of myself or hear my voice on tape (self-loathing is the operative word here), but I forced myself to read the darn piece.

In the article, I talked about Proust of course, and smell being linked to memory and, from a physiological point of view, I speculated about end of life and Alzheimer’s and people losing their sense of smell when they’re terminal, and possibly, also, when they develop Alzheimer’s. Pure speculation, although I had heard that truly terminal people do often lose their sense of smell and/or taste. Maybe I should have become a scientist after all because the WSJ had an article this weekend about some article in a neurology journal which talked about exactly that. When people age and start losing their sense of smell, it may be a red flag for Alzheimer’s. Proust was never mentioned in the article, but he should have gotten some credit here.

The rest of the weekend was kind of a wash– cleaning up we found a pair of black shoes (size 10.5, neither Will’s or Jon’s) and now we wonder who left those at our house. If you read this blog and stayed over with us but left without shoes (lol), we can send you a pic.

As I was cleaning (the stuff you find while cleaning– and omg now we do sound like total hoarders) I found some Japanese pencils that I bought a few weeks ago. They’re just your average graphite pencils and I was at an art store (love being at art stores) and wondered whether I really should plop down $12 for 12 pencils, but I started drawing today and these pencils are da bomb. As a child I used to draw frequently, but I realized I should really get back into it and do it every weekend because drawing really makes me happy.  Am a total bum artist but Oprah probably says it’s about the process and not the end result, and she’s right. The woman should run for president already.

Jesus, what an inane blog. Sorry– it’s Sunday night and I’ve lost the drive and inspiration.

Have a good week, folks. Life can be a drag but try to savor the good parts.






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