March 3rd: “Everything is copy” (Nora Ephron)

Journaling daily is a discipline and however much I struggle with this (I mean, to deliver something readable to you at the end of every day), it makes me pay attention more during the day, for is there something, a scene, a chance encounter or a snippet of dialogue that could be the topic or one of the many topics of my blog?

Well, today I was struggling. Working from home, with my  attention and energy eaten up by cases of fighting neighbors, I had no chance encounters or funny incidents… and well, when I run out of steam, I start bitching about politics which is a Russian spy novel right now, without any of the good sex. (Word of the day: “recuse”?).

But then, in popped a message from my son who told me that when he was waiting tables tonight, he met a bonafide Kennedy. Kennedy, Kennedy, I’m thinking– we need another Kennedy to end this Trump shit show.

I’m not going to say which Kennedy it was, but Will said he “looked like a Kennedy — it’s crazy.”

I immediately googled him, as did my daughter who was in on the text. Before I could write back, she writes: “he hot”… so yes, I was totally thinking that, so I guess this confirms we have the same taste in men (phew!).

Btw, all of this hotness happened after Will had written this interesting line:

“Super cool guy, addressed me as sir every time which says a lot about his character…” (fyi: the dinner was given to honor this Kennedy).

Ah, humility and grace, everything we want in our current president.

But since Caroline was talking looks, Will followed up with (and here’s is where I started cracking up big time… Boy, I wish I could talk more like them):

“Ya dude jawline for days.”

And what clinched it, another line from Will:

“His wife was a smokeshow.”

Well, I was thinking– he’s a Kennedy, right? They all have smoking hot wives. But the wives have substance, too, like (sob) Michelle O. and, yes, god, I loved Jackie O.

I’m beginning to think the O stands for orgasm, rereading that last sentence. My apologies for the vulgarity. I could never run for office or represent the American people like any Kennedy.

Call my life sad, but this was the highlight of my day. Back to you.

It’s Friday tomorrow, so live a little.




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