March 1st: When you are trying to make a good impression…

Carpet’s in! Dishwasher is fixed! And we’re waiting anxiously for the bed, but our living room was upgraded to a hoard-free zone, so life’s spectacular.

They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but it’s really also about appreciating the small stuff when the small stuff gives you joy. My small stuff today was a simple thing like a living room you can actually walk through without breaking your neck over a box with trash you should have tossed ages ago.

Today I had to run a bazillion errands, which was fine really as it took me away from my conflict and abuse queue where one asshat came after me about the second amendment and his right to use guns…

I met with a new dog sitter today, as Jon and I will be out of town one weekend this month. I walked into her house and met her doxie, a lovely female who has also worked as a therapy dog for sick children in hospitals.

Dogs are so great. Just as I was thinking that, talking to the sitter, I looked over my shoulder since the sitter was frowning that direction and…


Frankie took a giant dump in her living room! I was horrified. She brushed it off as him being territorial or whatever but I was embarrassed, because this was a meet & greet and obviously, I wanted to make a good impression.

It took me back to a famous story in my family. My grandmother had three brothers and as children, they were real rascals. One day, when my great-grandmother was taking the tram, her three sons, coming out of school, boarded the tram from the other end.

Immediately, she heard people around her whisper stuff like: “Oh, look, there you have those terrible Huijsser boys again”. “Hate those kids.” “Did you hear what they did the other day?” And so on, and so forth.

My great-grandmother was shrinking in her seat, putting her purse in front of her face but it was too late. One of the boys spotted her and came running towards her: “Hi mom!” And then the two others chimed in as a Greek chorus: “Hello mom.”

There goes the neighborhood…

So… when you’re trying to make a good impression, you may be trying too hard and it always backfires. Be yourself and take life as it comes, even when your dog shits all over the new sitter’s digs.

Word of the day: jelly.

My son who has a deep voice and towers over me like nobody’s business uses this word, as in “I’m jelly” (i.e. “I’m jealous”), like all the time. When I hear it, I want to say: “No you’re not jelly- that’s something I may put on my bread, or may want to avoid when it’s a jelly fish. In my day “jealous” wasn’t even acceptable. Jealousy implies malice my mom once said, so you shouldn’t say “I’m jealous” but the kinder, milder “I’m envious.”

But now I sound like I want to make a good impression again. What gives?

Enjoy the rest of your week. The weekend is almost here and Spring might actually be around the corner… if you live in California. Jelly yet?



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