Wimpy Miscellanea on Feb 25th-26th, 2017


So… our Frankster hasn’t been completely out of the woods yet… I took him to my own vet who concluded he has diabetes, which means two insulin shots a day… poor guy… maybe we can teach Teddy, my other doxie (on the left, above) how to administer these shots…

Today Jon and I have been moving furniture in preparation of the carpet we’re getting in the room (leveling the floor cost $5,500 so that was a bit too steep for us). We had a real Winnie the Pooh type moment pulling our couch through our narrow hallway and getting stuck… which meant taking the door out.

This was also the first day that we started administering shots and the vet technician told me many people freak out about having to give their pets shots, but actually, it’s a piece of cake. Giving yourself shots, like diabetics deal with daily, must be a whole lot harder…

And then it was Sunday already… Last night, our Reconnections group had its second meeting. It’s a social group we started for recent or about-to-be empty nesters: we know many of the mothers in this community through the schools our kids went to but when they leave home the community of mothers tends to fall apart. With continued secularization (i.e. churches no longer being the most important community builders) and the ongoing digitization and invasion of social media, which is far from social in the traditional sense, we’re going to have to do the work ourselves to build caring and compassionate communities. So we meet once a month, literally to reconnect now that our “little” ones have flown the coop.

Coming home to Jon, I had to laugh. Our already small living room was hard to navigate anyway but now it’s simply filled with furniture from our bedroom, so you can hardly walk through it and it feels like we’ve become hoarders whose houses are starved of oxygen because of the excess of stuff. Carpet comes Wed, our dishwasher (broken for a month and Bosch technicians are booked way out, so don’t buy a Bosch) will be fixed tomorrow, Frankie is recovering so what can I say: life is good.

I love my Saturday and Sunday mornings with Jon just reading the newspapers and drinking coffee. Of course there was a lot of stuff on Trump’s repeated attack on “the fake news” as he calls it, and yesterday he tweeted he won’t attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He acts more and more guilty every day and seems to presume that attacking the media will stop them from revealing his Russian dirty laundry. Fat chance.

Of course Bannon’s speech at CPAC was covered everywhere, too, and particularly his coining of the phrase “the deconstruction of the administrative state”. This is just code, I think, for the dismantling of government as we know it, and Trump’s cabinet picks, who now mostly head up departments they were adversaries of (and seem to want to get rid of), seem to confirm that point. The rapid defunding of government programs in favor of deportation programs, the army, the wall and nuclear programs makes it feel Trump just wants to be a dictator with a large army and a police force. A kleptocracy à la Putin. Yes, it can happen here.

Disturbing reports have come in about illegals being rounded up, with agents going house to house. Children skip school for fear of being arrested and whereas Obama only deported illegals with criminal records, the story now is that people’s “crime” is that they’re illegal here and therefore subject to arrest. Somehow the Muslim Ban seemed to get more press than the quiet rounding up of Mexicans and it’s deeply unsettling. Living in California means interacting with Mexicans on a daily basis and without them the California economy would be badly hurt: our produce would be more expensive, nannies would be harder to find (and be more expensive) and the whole construction industry would suffer. The consumer would pay the price.

If this continues, it will become a serious human rights’ issue but this is the kind of mayhem and chaos that Steve Bannon wants to create, and we’ll have to resist wherever and whenever we can. That term deconstruction doesn’t sit with me very well either. He nicked it of course from the disruptive French intellectual Derrida whose literary theory was nothing more than a form textual nihilism. Now we’re going to see how this nihilism works on the state level.

Bannon believes in historical cycles and crises and he thinks that we’re due for another crisis. I believe history tends to cyclical too, but there’s a difference between witnessing a crisis and wanting it to happen. Bannon wants to be the evil catalyst of chaos, mayhem and war, in which America (Bannon’s Judeo-Christian, patriarchal and supremacist world view and order) “will win again”. The losers would be anyone who is not white and not male.

Obama was right: Trump is not an ideologue but he doesn’t need to be one with Bannon boy at the wheel. Trump has no patience for policy. Trump just wants to do rallies and foul up Twitter to inflate his own vain ego. Trump is a mere facade for the nefarious plot Bannon is brewing in the West Wing: it is a plot against America…

When I walked to the post office the other night, I took below picture of the American flag strangled by the dark branches of a tree at sunset. The image could not be more fitting of the state the country is in.




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