February 21st, 2017: A View from the Ground Up

Today I was working the conflict and abuse queue again, which means I deal with cases from all over the US. These cases come to me when neighbors fight. When they violate our Guidelines , there are consequences (and we are mega strict: name calling, ad hominem attacks, profanities– all the trash you see on Twitter and Facebook — can get you suspended. I applaud this company for that. They’re honestly trying to bring civility back in our online discourse, a much-needed form of human decency when decency in our overall discourse is becoming a as rare as a dry day in this California winter).

I’ve been working for the International Team in the last few weeks or so, so coming fresh to some of these cases I can honestly say that:

  1. some people are still very much stressed out and quick to anger
  2. hate speech is definitely up: Trump voters feel emboldened by the election win and since there’s little condemnation of hate crimes from the White House, I was seeing stuff today that people may have been thinking for years, but are now saying out loud
  3. as for the opposition– since Trump declared the media the opposition, or worse, the enemy, I can honestly say that people are hardly talking about the media at all, but there’s a disturbing degree of liberal bashing. I’m not saying that liberals don’t bash Trump, but there you have the difference. While Trump voters seem to go after their liberal neighbors, liberals actually do take the high road and don’t blame or attack Trump voters. Not to sound elitist, I think the education gap plays an important role here. Like the President, these people seem not only emboldened but they’re also on the defensive because there’s a very strong anti-Trump movement building and I think there’s a sense of overall instability and fragility… on all sides.

I long for some peace and quiet. And for a morning that I won’t have to wake up to check my iPhone to see whatever other form of dread and chills the news will bring me on a daily basis.

I’m not alone, I’m aware– which is another reason for keeping up this blog. To find a sounding board, but also to bear witness, each and every day.

Thanks for reading and following Uncorked. The cork truly has come off, so CHEERS!


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  1. melanielight23 says:

    thanks for your encouragement…. been feeling overwhelmed these last few days by darkness.

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