February 16th, 2017: Housebound with a Sick Frankie…


Have been wanting to return to the office this week but with Frankie’s shaky situation and his homecoming yesterday (Yay!), I’ve been housebound, and maybe even more so today because I’ve received a bunch of pills for Frankie that make your head spin: three antibiotics, pain killers, pills to make him poop, pills to stop the poop etc.

These pills are tiny already and he needs to receive 1/4th every time. I don’t have a pill splitter and the bread knife makes the pills crack into a million pieces and fly through the kitchen, so what can I say… it has been a fun, domestic day. Frankie slept through the night last night, so I think we’re in good shape… Fingers crossed.

I then got sucked into the train wreck of the day, the Trump Press Conference. No news there, honestly. He railed at the press corps for producing fake news, inflated his own importance (delusions of grandeur) and produced some fake news himself like his spectacular and unprecedented win of the electoral college (how many times do we have to hear this?) which was corrected by a gutsy reporter.

Then there were the conspiracy theories, like saying that expressions of racism were produced by the opposition to make Trump supporters look bad. He also said he was the “least anti-Semitic person, least racist person” and then badgered a black reporter for the Black Caucus for not contacting him. “Least” still leaves room for racism, so what was he really saying? “Least” is shabby and sad for a man who tends to talk hyperbole at every juncture.

He also portrayed Mexicans again as hardened criminals. There are disturbing reports from all over the country that illegals are being rounded up and deported. Some people are seeking refuge in churches now. I’ve said it once and I will say it again: these are not American values. This kind of persecution is what people have fled from in the past to come here.

The Flynn debacle which triggered this whole dumpster fire was mischaracterized by the President, too. “Mike was doing his job” but because he wasn’t transparent with the VP, he fired him. Mike was doing his job maybe (and here the Donald implicated himself, i.e. obviously, if he thought Mike was doing his job following his orders, or acting under his authority, he was colluding with the Russians himself as a President Elect) but the reason why the red flag was raised was because Mike violated the Logan Act, and made himself vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.

Trump vehemently denied the Russian connection and even though Putin has sent out a ship that’s been spotted off our coast and launched some missiles, the orange poodle cuddled up with Vlad again, talking nukes, and I suddenly realized this is the new Axis of Evil: Russia and the US versus the rest of the world. Oh and include Israel, for in Trump’s world vision, the Palestinians can’t have their own place either.

I wonder how many times Trump mentioned Hillary in this press conference. Give it a rest. Hillary is still roaming the woods, listening to books on tape. She’s over it.

However, the fact that a woman won the popular (pun intended) vote has crushed his big male ego and women are made to please, not to win, and especially if it makes him look like a loser.

“We are going to win again!” was a repeated slogan at his rallies.

Trump has been in the White House for less than a month, his ratings are in the dumps and we’re losing bigly. Sad!



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