February 2nd, 2017: My Bags are Packed

It’s really February 3rd, as I’m writing this past midnight…

It was a good day at work– at the moment, I’m working for the international team again at Nextdoor and I do love the company. They live their values, I admire their mission and I think the integrity of their product is solid.

I’m learning new stuff and I must say for someone who has come from academe and a world of books, this world felt a little alien to me at first but being in tech and with tech and social media being such a central part of our lives, it does make me feel privileged to be a part of it, or rather to be at the epicenter of it.

Nextdoor is also a company where people really listen to each other and work together. If there is a problem, the blame doesn’t get shifted around, but people roll up their sleeves, sit around the table and work together to fix it.

Simply love that and if Washington DC worked like that, we would be in a better place. Instead, the GOP made sure today that the mentally ill have access to guns again, so honestly, I really can’t blame the world for thinking we have become utterly retarded. Retarded yes. With guns to boot. Oy.

After work, I rushed home to take Teddy (one of our dogs) to my father-in-law who lives in a retirement community. Walking to his apartment, there were many elderly ladies whose faces lit up when they saw Teddy. It’s amazing to see what effect dogs have on the elderly– why not surround the elderly with more dogs? When my father-in-law opened the door, he was emotional seeing Teddy. I think he’s battling some loneliness and although he has been good about going out and being social, life is quite barren after your spouse of so many years passes away.

Teddy has been an amazing companion. I remember the last summer my dad visited us and spent lots of time sunning himself on our patio: Teddy would sit right next to him and keep him company. At home, Teddy often jumps on the couch and when I have a laptop in my lap, he will lean in, i.e. make that body contact to tell me he’s there for me.

But then it was time to pack and shit, having put my summer clothes away, I could not remember where my swim suit was. Call me OCD but I could not rest before finding it, so the “godvers vlogen door de hut”. Jon had given up on the night already and wasn’t even going to pack so he told me to chill and reminded me I could always buy a swimsuit, but that wasn’t going to cut it for me, so I searched and searched and was successful in the end.

This is the most boring blog ever, but it’s late and I need to shut this laptop before I really wake up and can’t sleep anymore.

More later…


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  1. melanielight23 says:

    not so boring. It’s nice to hear you having a quiet day filled with good things. Have a good trip.

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