January 24th, 2017: An Acrostic of Alternative Facts

Dear Readers,

I promised myself to stay away from Trump for this diary entry but when I was walking to work in Downtown San Fran, there was a fat, unhappy man on the crosswalk who was screaming at the top of his lungs: DOWN WITH DEMONCRATS. SUPPORT TRUMP!

I kid you not.

I thought the election was over, but apparently Trump and his followers are still licking their wounds from having lost the popular vote.

So even though I was going to write a happy message, with no politics for the day, that pathetic bag of bones of a man taunted me on that crosswalk, so I’m giving you my acrostic of alternative facts for the day, spelling TRUMP:

Trump was a turd in a former life (several studies prove this)

Retweeting Trump will give you cancer (something about disseminating negativity and compromising your immune system)

Ural Mountains (that’s where Team Trump got its training– soon to be confirmed by the CIA)

More is less — this is an actual fact and I have that hot pope on my side.

Putin rules in the US of A and somehow penis size matters again. Where did we go wrong?

If you don’t think this is funny, which is just fine by me, click the following links in re the Netherlands– we may be small but we’re fighting back at what’s happening in the world in our own little ways. That Dutch Lion Still Roars!

The Netherlands Counters Trump with International Abortion Fund

America First, but Can the Netherlands be Second?

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2 Responses to January 24th, 2017: An Acrostic of Alternative Facts

  1. lankyn says:

    Now eyeing the Netherlands as the country of choice to flee to after Brexit – oh, I forgot, we won’t have any choices, will we?

  2. melanielight23 says:

    THE BEST!!
    Thanks Inez — the links are just the right medicine at this moment.

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