Diary of a Wimpy Adult: Jan 9th, 2017

And so it’s still pissing with rain: the power outages and downed trees continue and I was particularly saddened that this famous redwood giant toppled over


Apparently, there’s more than one, and the hole that cars can pass through was manmade, so it really was a redwood folly, but still, my heart ached a little bit when I heard the news…

Other news over the weekend was that Nextdoor was in the news, that is to say, in The New York Times. Here’s a quote:

“My daughter got a drone from Santa, and its first launch took off and never returned,” Jim Stephens of Orinda, Calif., notified his neighbors on Nextdoor. “If you find a white and orange drone in your backyard or trees, please let me know.”

“We’re seeing a convergence of once-futuristic technology with mainstream America,” said Nirav Tolia, chief executive of Nextdoor. Over Christmas week, Nextdoor had 8,709 drone posts, mostly about drones both lost and found.

“It used to be lost cats in a tree,” said Kelsey Grady, head of communications for Nextdoor. “Now it’s drones.”

Pretty hilarious.

And we (@Nextdoor) were wondering why we were so busy this morning… it’s not just that lost drones have become more prevalent than lost cats, it’s that Nextdoor was in the news and that means more members and more people ending up on our plate. It’s all good though.

I won’t mention the Golden Globes or some ridiculous tweets that followed (by you know who) but Meryl Streep was supreme sophistication followed by grunts and moans from a reptilian brain that has gone more mental since the day he floated down that escalator in Trump Tower. Here’s a madman documenting his own insanity– this is becoming very entertaining, indeed. If only he weren’t about to become President of the most powerful nation in the world. Can we call him mad King George already?!

Other than that, I’m getting out of my post-holiday, post-election funk. This diary has become my public wailing wall… there’s a saying in Dutch for that: Gedeelde smart is halve smart. No, it has nothing to do with being smart. I stopped faking that a long time ago. It means shared pain/sorrow is half the pain/sorrow. Life goes on, and so should you. Love to all my readers, and I want to thank you for following, reading and sharing this journey with me.

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