Diary of a Wimpy Adult: Jan 5th, 2017

My day started commuting into the city– getting out of Bart my eye was drawn to a woman shooting up heroin and, climbing the stairs towards Market, I just barely avoided a human turd. Welcome to San Francisco, the city with the highest rents in the country and a legitimate poop map (just Google it– there are several, as well as a urine map).

I get it that the homeless don’t have anywhere to go and poop in protest, but surely the city of San Francisco can do a better job cleaning up the city? The city is so popular with tourists and this is our business card to the world? Coming from a country where women used to clean their stoops religiously, this bothers me. We can do better.

I momentarily closed my eyes and as the fresh air hit my face, I heard sea gulls in the heart of San Francisco. We’ve had heavy rains in the last few days (the kinds of rains where Mark Twain suggested you might want to go and steal an umbrella) but as I opened my eyes I saw clear blue skies and for a moment, a tiny moment, I was imagining being in a seaside village in Ireland somewhere, where I had taken a sabbatical to finish that campus novel I’ve been working on. Like Kinsale, the place I dreamed of moving to when I took a job with Amazon in Cork.

Kinsale is the southernmost tip of Ireland (and, incidentally, the place where the Lusitania went down). Or the place where Broadchurch (Netflix) is set, a place near the sea with dramatic cliffs and ocean sprays. That moment made me happy, very happy but then it was into the elevator and up to the 7th floor, to hear… that the Internet was down… ah an internet company (do we still call them that way?!) without internet. It was interesting to see what happened next: people pushing away from their desks, grabbing their phones, grabbing coffees… and interacting, like people again. Not a bad thing per se.

The rest of the day flew by, with some excellent peer review for the conflict and abuse team at the end of the day. This is why I like this company so much: smart people connecting about how to provide the best customer service and care. It’s sad to think that the smartest people in this country aren’t drawn to public service anymore– smart people once wanted to be on Wall Street and now they want to build apps. Public service…meh… such a pity…

I’m signing off– my kids are watching pug videos. My parents would tell us at this point: why don’t you read a book for a change? The more we change, the more we stay the same.

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  1. melanielight23 says:

    Inez, this was really so beautiful. I honestly don’t know if I could stand to work in the city because of the ridiculous contradictions and scale of human suffering. In our current climate, NextDoor is the closest thing to public service that we have……

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