Slouching towards Bethlehem


Turning and turning,

Mother Earth is turning but can her center hold this time around

as Winter Solstice is upon us once more

yet the stars too dim

and angels too far

to hear or see us — 

This Winter Solstice has a fragile magic to it:

a darkness both dense and visible

dampening all sound, like fresh snow in a ceremony of innocence and silence 

before the oncoming storm?

And so this is Christmas once more

when kings bring gifts

not knowing what’s in store…

The air is thick with a stifling melancholy of those who went before

and are now beckoning from beyond

our parents, our grandparents…

who thought they had triumphed over evil, the Cold War

nukes, Nixon and American apartheid nevermore…

But something is slouching towards Bethlehem 

whispering insidious tweets

to disrupt, distort and despise

with hints of death, destruction 

and to never compromise.

As angels take flight

to bring back the light

our lengthening days

may be unable to withstand the good grace

of God’s bounties and blessings

as we steel ourselves against

the reeling shadows and drumbeat of army boots

breeding brownshirts out of the dead land…

surely some revelation is at hand?

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