Ho, Ho, Ho… or is it No, No, No?!


Ho, ho, ho…

It’s that time of year

for a little Christmas cheer…

Aleppo may be burning

and those Cabinet picks may soon be churning

as the year is turning…

Our year:

There once was a boy named Will

who knew everything about the sea and

marine biology…

But now he’s in the frigid North East

working at Xtuit, chasing that terrible beast

named cancer

while asking whether nanoparticles and fluid dynamics are the answer.

His internship was swell

And bioengineering stole his heart

As did those frats and fart(s)

As did the lovely Lily…

Once upon a time

There was also a girl named Caroline

who always made the world her stage

and comedy all the rage.

Chicago became her place of choice

for theater, parties… and

Dammit– that just rhymes with boys.

So now…

The house is all peace and quiet

and I may have to go on a diet.

Jon still works many a long day

to chase his midlife blues away.

Being over fifty

and both still working in tech

really ain’t that nifty.

We pivot, disrupt and talk bugs and big data all day long

and our offices have everything:

wine and beer on tap, but where’s the bong?

Can you tell how the tyranny of this rhyme

Steers this pathetic Xmas letter?

Oh, how I wish I could do better

And tell you that all will be fine

for my darlings Jon, Will and Caroline…

But our world has gone over to the dark side…

So in this letter, I hope Xmas

will bring back the light

of peace and true enlightenment

not to mention the leverage of facts…

I pray for light also

of careful diplomacy, inclusion

and the fusion

of people coming together…

The Berlin Wall fell for a reason

So in this Xmas season:

Let’s keep our eye on the prize

and call out the lies

As Putin is rootin’ for our demise…

Trump ain’t no Santa

or Mr (I Alone Can) Fixit

So… let’s trump him and dump him

And continue to stand up for peace, love and light

On this dark and eerie Xmas night…

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5 Responses to Ho, Ho, Ho… or is it No, No, No?!

  1. lankyn says:

    Great stuff, Inez! Let’s all fight the darkness together …

  2. Dagmar Theison says:

    love it!!!!!

  3. wimwp says:

    Let’s keep hoping for the good things to come. Willem

  4. Marian says:

    Thank you Inez, let us all keep up the good work and rage against the dark.

  5. hamiltonsb says:

    Love it as well. Warm and complicated at the same time in this crazy world.

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