Thank You, Madam Secretary


Dear Madam Secretary,

This is my letter to you and the world to thank you for your noble public service as a First Lady, Senator, State Secretary and Presidential candidate.

Even though your were subjected to a witch hunt, “Lock Her Up”, called the c-word and other misogynist rhetoric and hatred, you remained presidential and plowed on with the conviction and calm to be a force of good.

Donald, swayed, like all of us, by those damned false polls, predicted the whole thing was rigged. I’m sure he would have challenged the election if he had won the popular vote, which he did not. Funny, things are not quite so rigged anymore… as if they ever were for a person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Donald presented lots of conspiracy theories “educating” the uninformed and now taking over the scepter from a President whom he delegitimized from the moment he took office, just as Donald has delegitimized everyone who has opposed him. This is how dictators operate. The Jews were delegitimized by the Nazis as being the Other and the enemy within. Sound familiar?

I wonder— what if you, dear Hillary, had called Don the Con a “nasty man” in the debate, while interrupting him constantly and hovering over him as a mafia boss? What if you had never revealed your taxes, never paid taxes, called Mexicans rapists and bragged about grabbing men by their crotch?

You would have been written off as a vulgar lecherous bitch, who didn’t deserve to be in the Oval Office.

What if you had flirted with Putin and disavowed Russian/FBI meddling with our election? What if you had multiple men accusing you of inappropriate sexual advances?

What if, dear Hillary, you had been a man? Would you still have lost the election?

Oh, yes, those emails. How could we forget?

Americans voted and got a crooked narcissistic businessman while throwing out a woman who in her last speech, her concession speech, had the balls and the integrity to accept the election results, honor the American experiment, accept Trump as our new leader and be gracious and, once again, act as a force of national good. Would Don the Con have given a similar speech? The man who always wants to win and if he doesn’t, blames everyone else, except himself?

It’s easy to be a humble winner.

Much more difficult to be a President and be a force of good to all. E Pluribus Unum, Donald— don’t forget.

And thank you, Madam Secretary. I know history will be kind to you. You’re a class act and paved the way for our next woman President. We owe you so much, and much more than we will ever owe Donald Trump. 

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  1. Sue Imperiale says:

    Thank you Inez, for your passion and eloquence. Your words resonate with my own, I am just not as skilled at expressing them.

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