Man Up America!


Tonight I had reserved some time, of the little time I have, to work on my novel, a campus novel, but in the run-up to the election and with the amount of people who have taken to the airwaves to dump on Clinton and Trump, I’ve decided to jot some of my thoughts down.

For people who are my friends on FB, you know where I stand and some of you may support my POV and some of you may not. I respect that.

Also, as some you know, I work for a company where I have to, at times, suspend people’s accounts for name calling, personal attacks, profanities, shaming etc as this is against our Guidelines. The people who engage in this behavior will come back swinging, barely understanding the concept of Guidelines and jumping all over me for restricting their “freedom of speech”, hiring lawyers, calling the police and calling for my ass to get fired. It may be just talk, but it’s threatening and intimidating, and it makes for a lousy workday.

When people get “caught” on our site, they will say but “he started it”, or “she’s doing it too”.

When Trump had to admit Obama was indeed born in the US, he said but “she started it”.

When people don’t want to hear the facts or the truth about our Guidelines, they will say “I will sue you”.

When Trump reads a story he doesn’t like, he’s ready to sue, too.

“These people are just bullies,” you may say, but the bullies have taken over, and the ones that are winning are not looking out for the interest of those who have been bullied for years and those who can’t defend themselves.

We have bullies on Wall Street, bullies in politics, bullies in higher education… and all of these bullies started their bullying in the school yard. They won by bullying so they will bully again. A bully can only be stopped if you stand up to them and expose them.

That’s what Elizabeth Warren did this week.

On Capitol Hill, Elizabeth Warren made a compelling and damning case against Wells Fargo. It seemed like she was the only woman in the room, and the only one standing up for justice and the little man. She was cross examining a bank CEO, and fighting a fight that’s central to the vast inequality in our nation and Bernie’s campaign, yet how many people watch CSPAN?

I encourage all Trump voters to watch the fight Elizabeth Warren was fighting for YOU: “little Pocahontas” was fighting for you and your bank accounts. Has Trump put up a similar fight, and if so, do we have any records of it?

Trump voters: I hear you. Life’s not been fair to you— and yes, it would be great to shake things up in Washington DC. I’m all for that. But will Trump truly fight for your best interest(s), getting you that job you want, or rectifying everything that has gone wrong in your life? I understand you’re frustrated. I’m frustrated myself, but is it fair to blame others (blacks, Hispanics, refugees, Muslims, women who want abortions, Hillary Clinton’s emails, etc) for the failures in your lives?

The people who write me angry emails blame everything and everyone and refuse to take any responsibility themselves. It’s a sign of immaturity and lack of introspection that’s emblematic of the discourse in this country and the Republican nominee.

Oh yes. I forgot. I’m an immigrant, too. I came to this country, loving, simply loving the can-do optimism of Americans and the hospitality of our great immigrant culture. I was fleeing from some of the cynicism in Europe and embracing the hope and generosity of Americans. And I know it’s still there…

Donald Trump doesn’t represent that hope or generosity. Even if he gets into office for a mere four years, he can start a nuclear war, build a wall and make America the most detested nation in the world.

Rather than voting for Trump, take responsibility for your own lives and don’t blame others. That is not the American way.

Man up. If you need help or inspiration, reach out to your fellow Americans, but don’t reach out to a man who wants his own gold-lettered name (rather than yours) on every building in this country. He’s not fighting the good fight and he’s certainly not fighting for you.

Get real. Let’s get together and make this country real and honest again.

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  1. Melanie says:

    I just have no idea how Americans became such immature babies. And that might is right at every human interface. It’s mind boggling that in one generation, really, it has all deteriorated so fast. Mostly it makes me want to lay my head down on my desk. Your voice of reason and strength is soothing. Thanks — thanks for using your blog as a bully pulpit (yuk yuk)

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