For Caroline, Upon Leaving The Nest

When I moved out to study at Leiden University, I still was only a train ride away from the parental nest.

You’ll be in Chicago and we’re in Orinda, which translates into a distance comparable to Amsterdam-Bumblefuck, Russia. My folks would have been freaked out if I left at 18, flying that dinky airline Aeroflot, all the way to nowhere in Putin-land.

I want to send you off with some life wisdoms which I have gained over the years, using an acrostic, spelling CAROLINE:

Celebrate everything in life, the small successes more than the big ones: they’ll help you cope and get on with life.

Ask, always ask if you don’t know— never be afraid to ask. Stupid questions don’t exist.

Read, and read often— learn to read as a form of meditation: it’s your quiet space, a sanctuary of self.

Open your mind in the years to come: it’s your gateway to change, success, tolerance and respect.

Love generously; but don’t love a big ego, for then it will always be about him…

Imagine… is not just a song by John Lennon; you will imagine, too, and change the world!

Nature, never forget the healing power of Nature when you feel low or bad about yourself.

Eat healthy. People are what they eat and your spirit will thrive if you respect your body.

Finally, the best and most concise advice I can give you is this:

Say NO to the Haters

And YES to Life

That’s all there is to it— and never forget that Team Caroline in Orinda is at your service 24/7.

Thank you for making us proud: you are the BEST. Now go out in the world, and make it happen.

Life can be magic if you’re willing to believe.

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6 Responses to For Caroline, Upon Leaving The Nest

  1. Sylvia Herman says:

    So beautiful spoken of love for Caroline, your daughter. She will reside in the same town as my son in Chicago, who came in this world in Walnut Creek at Kaiser Hospital.
    If Caroline ever wants a taste for a “Hollandse hapje of Indish eten ” contact me.

  2. Melanie says:

    Inez, such beautiful wisdom offered with such tender love….. thanks for sharing that with us all and it is so heartwarming to feel the close close ties you two have though your words. That acrostic is kickass too and now I wish I had named my daughter Caroline……

  3. lankyn says:

    Lovely, Inez – all best wishes to Caroline, I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful time in Chicago and do great things.

  4. Hans Bak says:

    Wise and poignant words, Inez. Go, Caroline, go!

  5. Mooie woorden weer Inez; ik hang, zoals altijd, aan je lippen (in dit geval je teksten!).
    En, Caroline lijkt op je 🙂 .
    We love you; big hug,

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