For Caroline, now that your graduation is near…


With a heavy heart
I put pen to paper
for the following “rhyme”
dedicated to my once-little
blackberry-picking and blackberry-eating and blossoming Caroline.

From the moment you could stand up
You engaged in comedy and ways
To put on monologues and plays.

Like that night you surprised our dinner guests, striding down the stairs
With a blue wig, a Jersey accent and a fast “tawk”
About your boyfriend Benny
who had one nipple, a yappy “dowg”
And a mafioso uncle by the name of Lenny.

Your sense of timing always sublime
Your humor always crossing the line
Your brother in stitches
For a delivery so fine…
My darling and daring Caroline.

Our job is done…
You’re more ready for the world
Than I ever was.

And corny as this may sound
I’ll miss our weekly Trader Joe’s trips
Where in between cursing at bad drivers
And selecting veggies, fruits and dips
We had real heart-to-hearts
In a dynamic pact of mother-daughter
Women, “sisters”, friends…

The house will be awfully quiet
Without your music, laughter and cheer
But memories golden will take its place
While you’ll conquer the world, and learn how to drink beer.

So go carpe that fucking diem
And don’t forget to love yourself
As we love you.

And when times are tough
Coz Chicago winters are rough
Give us a call
So Team Caroline
Can help you in matters great and small.

You’ve been a DREAM of a DAUGHTER
But it’s about time, sweet Caroline
To spread your wings and act upon your own dreams.
Wherever you go: it will be fine.

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  1. Edith de Jong says:

    mooi Inez……het gaat zo snel!

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