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We Once Had a Farm in Java…

“En dan was er zo’n lange weg naar boven” (And then there was a long road uphill), thus Harry Francken started telling me about his childhood home and rubber and coffee plantation, Kali Jompo, for which my great-grandfather had picked … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part VII

“Today’s Indonesia is home to one in every thirty of the people on this planet — 240 million at the last count. That makes the country the 4th most populous in the world. Jakarta tweets more than any other city … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part VI

Jalan Keputran: Not Just Any Street in Surabaya           On our last morning in Surabaya, I resisted one thing and that was go to the street where the Gubeng Transport of about 200 women and children got caught … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part V

Kembang Kuning, Surabaya Seventy Years after the Gubeng Massacre Two girls and 84 unknown people sharing a grave: An entire row of women and children who all died on October 28th, 1945. Now almost 70 years ago, their evacuation ambushed … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part IV

Surabaya Stunner: The Majapahit As we gathered at the gate in Singapore, Jonathan and I were probably the only Caucasians at the gate. We are both tall white farts, and I hate having to wear the label TOURIST on my … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part III

Singapore Haze, Raffles in Reverse and… Indonesia on our Doorstep As far as Singapore goes, I feel I am doing a reverse Raffles on this trip.  In fact, I’m doing a reverse everything, as my book Silenced Voices (started in … Continue reading

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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part II

   As our departure date was nearing, our lives just got a trifle more hectic: Jonathan (my husband, for those of you who don’t know me personally) was wrapped up with the craziness of making the company’s numbers before the … Continue reading

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