F is for Fort Point, Quick and to the Point…

fort-point imgres

Fort Point is nestled under the Golden Gate in San Francisco and that means that if you want to shoot yet another pic of the Golden Gate, Fort Point will be an excellent location. It’s often quite a windy spot, so bring a sweater. Inside, there is a modest museum with things like bunk beds for soldiers and other memorabilia from when the fort was in use.

Once gold was found in California, it became necessary to protect this gold (and the state) and the building of forts in San Francisco took off. The brick building of Fort Point became very important as it formed the first line of defense for ships who entered the bay. However, it is ironic that no shot was ever fired from Fort Point, even though the fort was modeled on Fort Sumter in South Carolina, from where Confederate Beauregard fired the first shot that launched the American Civil War. The fort did serve as a residence for soldiers until it became a museum in 1959. It became a  National Historic Site in 1970.

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