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Indonesian Pilgrimage, Part I

Can I rid myself of all the skeletons I have in my closet (see Silenced Voices) and come to an understanding where I see possibilities for reconnection without all the baggage? What’s more, can I walk on Indonesian soil without feeling guilty or responsible for the woes of colonialism and capitalism, a system I would like to call the great industrial globalization complex, which enriched an elite, but used and abused the locals, to spit them out when they were no longer needed? I would like to say sorry on behalf of my family, but the story may be too complex to tell Continue reading

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Midlife Musings

So, bitches, I can’t be immune to metrics and considering the number of page views my California ABC is getting, I should pack it all in and just talk trash about myself. Or if you’re looking for Schadenfreude, I should … Continue reading

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G is for Golden Gate Bridge: A Lethal Monument

This “Symphony in Steel” and “Aoelian Harp” may be one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and truly has become the icon of San Francisco, but the bridge has a sinister subtext: three months after the bridge was finished, the first person jumped off of it. Continue reading

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G is for Ginsberg, Allen (1926-1997), Beat Poet, Lost in a California Supermarket

Ginsberg was an important twentieth-century poet, and maybe, together with  Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, one of the most dynamic voices within the counter culture Beats (see my entry on the Beats) who were headquartered in San Francisco. Ginsberg’s … Continue reading

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F is for Fresno, on your way to Yosemite…

“What do you think you’re doing?” My husband asked, concerned.

“I’m going to watch the fireworks…”

“Those ain’t fireworks,” he said, as he prepared for an uncomfortable night on an air mattress. “Those are gun shots.” Continue reading

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F is for Frémont, John Charles (1813-1890): Irresponsible Filibuster or Great Explorer?

“From the ashes of his campfires have sprung cities.” ~ Jessie Benton Frémont The city of Fremont is located south of San Francisco and isn’t a tourist attraction per se were it not for the international renown of Khaled Hosseini … Continue reading

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F is for Fort Point, Quick and to the Point…

Fort Point is nestled under the Golden Gate in San Francisco and that means that if you want to shoot yet another pic of the Golden Gate, Fort Point will be an excellent location. It’s often quite a windy spot, … Continue reading

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F is for Feinstein, Dianne (1933-): Senator Di from California

“Toughness doesn’t have to come in a pinstripe suit.” ~ Dianne Feinstein As a descendant of Jewish-Russian immigrants who fled the October Revolution, Dianne Feinstein made a career for herself that has turned her into one of the most respected … Continue reading

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