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Missing Dad

  Just the other day, my brother sent me a rare picture of my dad in 1935, when he had just turned nine. Missing Dad There aren’t too many pictures of you, dad, and maybe that’s because you were one … Continue reading

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The more things change…

  When we bought our house And started freeing our cottage from Ivy and roses that came through Our kitchen and bedroom walls We discovered, in our yard, A little stone mermaid Sitting on a perch…   The perch turned … Continue reading

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M is for Millenials…

This is a rant, or maybe it’s a reassessment, but I think what we need in our society is a cross-generational platform to discuss and share where we all think the world is headed, because I’m having a lot of … Continue reading

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E is for Earthquakes

According to geologists, chances are high that, in millions of years, the so-called Salinas landmass (including San Diego, LA, Big Sur and Santa Cruz) will move north and attach itself to San Francisco due to the very active San Andreas fault line which runs parallel to the California coast. Continue reading

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D is for Drought, a bit of Doom and Gloom for the month of June…

When you grow up in the Netherlands, you learn that water is more often your enemy than your friend: half the country lies below sea level, major floods have been part of our national history and with climate change happening … Continue reading

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D is for Donner Party (1846-1847): Cannibalism in the Snow en Route to the Promised Land

Having lived in California now for the last sixteen years, I have always been amazed that this sordid piece of pioneering history has become a glorified origination story: at cocktail parties, while munching on paté and salami, people have told me their ancestor(s) came over with the Donner Party, as if the Donner Party is similar to the Mayflower on which every other American’s ancestor seemed to have sailed (which means that ship must have had so many people on it that it’s hard to believe it even made it to the New World). Continue reading

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