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D is for Didion, Joan, for Making California Count in the Literary Sense

Michiko Kakutani made an important point, citing Joan Didion herself, who in her book The White Album wrote that Kilimanjaro belonged to Ernest Hemingway, while Oxford, Mississippi was William Faulkner’s– a place belongs to those who claim it the hardest, … Continue reading

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D is for Death Valley: hottest, lowest and driest place in California

Death Valley, a plain of salt that lies 86 meters below sea level is one of the hottest, lowest and driest places in California, if not the world. But the valley also offers colorful desert vistas and it’s a place … Continue reading

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C is for Cryogenics, only in California?

“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” ~ Woody Allen Californians can be called narcissistic in that they are obsessed with their bodies: being obese is taboo, but maybe growing … Continue reading

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