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WHAT HAVE THESE TWO MEN IN COMMON? Apparently, they flunked history… Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has invited the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Abe, to address US Congress on… Hirohito’s birthday… That this foreign affairs’ blunder could happen shows, … Continue reading

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High school. Forget about it. How many of us will go on the record and dare to own up that high school was our favorite time in life? And well, if you did, you probably peaked too soon… I didn’t … Continue reading

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C is for the Central Valley: Agricultural Paradise or Immigrant Hell?

The whole gigantic sweep of the San Joaquin expanded, Titanic, before the eye of the mind, flagellated with heat, quivering and shimmering under the sun’s red eye. At long intervals, a faint breath of wind out of the south passed … Continue reading

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C is for Castro District: San Francisco’s Gayborhood

We will not win our rights by staying quietly in our closets. ~ Harvey Milk The Castro District in San Francisco wasn’t always a gay neighborhood; at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was called Little Scandinavia due to … Continue reading

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C is for Carson, Kit (1809-1868): Hero or Villain of the Westward Expansion?

Historical figures like Kit Carson will always nourish the imagination because he belonged to a generation of men who still knew what it took to survive in the wilderness. In a world in which the real wilderness is shrinking, we … Continue reading

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C is for Carson, Johnny (1925-2005): The King of Late Night Television

As the King of Late Night, maybe he was one of the most beloved talk show hosts of all time which had to do with his charm, his modesty, and the respect and genuine interest he showed for his guests, whether it was a celebrity or John Doe who came for his fifteen minutes of fame: he treated them all with respect and attention. Continue reading

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C is for Carmel (by-the-Sea): Beach Bohemia

Americans love this shit—or maybe I should just say, isn’t the American Dream the realization that, one day, you actually find yourself living in Disneyland? If you can understand this kind of local color, you know what California is all about…
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