The Californians (SNL)

My son who is in college in Boston, told me that people from the East Coast say that he has a “California accent”– since most of that accent can also be heard on television shows and movies coming from Hollywood, you might think he speaks like the kind of California character that they make fun of in SNL, in a skit called The Californians (press link above). The skit is hilarious, not only making fun of the accent with its exaggerated open vowels and strange intonations but the soap characters also seem to constantly talk about which highway to take in the highway dystopia of LA freeways.

The word “California” is also used in regular American slang, which shows, without sounding too Californiacentric, that California is a cultural phenomenon and force. Take a look at the following expressions and tally how many you know! If you know of any others, let me know and I will add them to this list.

California Anal: someone who, in a restaurant or a café, has all sorts of instructions for the waiter or cook

California Bastard: someone who wears clothes of the California name brand Hollister, American Eagle and/or Abercrombie & Fitch to raise the (false) impression that he/she comes from California

California Botany: the horticulture of marijuana

California Car Pool: this happens when everyone drives their car to the same destination when they could (and should) have carpooled

Californiacentrism: the assumption that California is the world. No offense, but this seems to be the general assumption in California

California Christmas Tree: a palm tree which has been decorated as a Christmas tree

California Cuisine: Alice Waters is known for cooking California Cuisine, based on fresh organic ingredients but with a fusion touch

California Divorce: a couple that is divorced but still has sex with each other

California Happy: marijuana

Californian Republican: a Democrat

California Stop, Roll or Slide: when you don’t stop but slide through a stop sign

California Straight, aka metro sexual

California Vacation: an LSD-trip

California Workout: you go to the gym but you don’t work out; all you do is talk to your friends

Californication: aside from being a TV-show on Showtime and an album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication is the influence California TV, movies, popular culture and pop music have on the rest of the world

Californiese: the language that’s being spoken in California, although regional differences between Northern and Southern California do exist (as for instance with the word “hella”)

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  1. I have a similar list to help those assimilate to the Boston verbiage. I laughed at some on your list as I had never heard of them before – California workout?!! LOL

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