A is for Alpine County, Odd One Out?


Alpine County is located south of Lake Tahoe and is the smallest and least populous county in the big and populous state of California. The town went from the silver boom to a logging boom but the bust(s) resulted in the fact that for a long time, this county had no schools, no dentists, no banks and no traffic lights. The new boom is the sky/snowboard boom and the population now is a little over 1,000 people but these are not the reasons why Alpine County seems such a misfit. Alpine County is the only county in California that doesn’t produce agricultural products and that, in itself, may actually tell you more about California than that it says anything about Alpine County.

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One Response to A is for Alpine County, Odd One Out?

  1. Melanie says:

    That is really interesting, Inez. I would love to know more about this situation and their positions and political sensibilities vis a vis our state assembly since the ag lobbyists are so f’in strong.

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