I ate all of my potato when Winter isn’t even here yet…


My Amazon adventure is over. I can blame myself and I can blame the company but when there is a disagreement like this, both parties are usually at fault, mistakes are made at both ends, but I can honestly say that I may be most disappointed in myself. I have never lasted this short, working for any company and I let my other job go to take on this opportunity. Although that other job was a dead end, in many ways…

In what I now see as bout of temporary insanity, I believed Amazon was my ticket out as well as my new professional destiny, but in the end, the sacrifices, financial and personal, didn’t outweigh the professional gains. And life is too short to put your job first.

So I quit. Boohoo.

I am, however, also a little sad that Ireland never happened. I liked what I saw and I wish I could have made it happen. Even for a few months.

Life lesson learned. You’re never too old for that, right?

The up side is that I don’t have to leave Caroline behind for her last 2 years of HS. Those years wouldn’t have come back so maybe that was tugging on my unconscious. Who knows. I am not sure she was happy when I told her the news about me staying in California. I think I let her down. And I will be mending fences as we speak.

So life goes on.

I’ll feel a little bit like a fraud for having started this blog but I should use it as my sounding board with the world. Uncorked really means that the cork has come off for me professionally and I hope it’s not a champagne bottle, i.e. that I will be all over the place and spreading myself thin, but that under that cork there is an aging wine with promise and potential. That I can grow professionally nonetheless and that I may use certain talents (teaching, writing, translating) in the most profound way possible. Maybe I should become one of those sleezy motivational speakers, or finish that historical novel I started. Kickstarter, here I come.

So I ate my potato and did not keep it for when famine might strike us.

Life happens, merde se passe, we’re healthy and we’re together. Life is good, especially considering that I will never have to use a pc again.

That said: I am looking for work, and if all else fails, I will start that Airbnb or go around with a pink moustache on my bumper (suddenly this sounds borderline pornographic).

I failed in many ways and may have disappointed people, but I hope I can make it up in the days, months and years to come. After all, failure is a stepping stone to success.

I will write you again when I have better news to share. Thanks for listening and supporting me with your unconditional love. And that applies especially to Jon, my husband. He rocks. But most of you knew that already.

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6 Responses to I ate all of my potato when Winter isn’t even here yet…

  1. Priscilla Kluge McMullen says:

    With your wide expertise, skills,and talent in whatever you set your mind to, I promise not worry about you. Hey, how about obtaining funding to get you to work full-time with TIP to do all the things you are so good at…research, writing, lectures. travel and guidance based on principles and facts, Or am I just being selfish?

    • Thanks Priscilla for the nice words. Now that I am back in California we should definitely talk on how you can use me for The Indo Project. I need to see what Amazon still wants me to do in the next 2 weeks but after that, the world is my oyster.

  2. Melanie says:

    Ah Inez, I am so proud of you for taking a giant leap to really reach for the brass ring. I’m sure it feels like a failure, but it actually sounds more like a poor job fit. And, I guess better to cut your losses before it gets so much harder to leave. Looking forward to a good stiff martini with you soon.

  3. Thanks Melanie, normally I don’t flake out on jobs like this, so that was part of the struggle but letting go sometimes is better than muddling through and I am ready for that Martini! Thanks for the support!

  4. Susan says:

    It will be OK Inez. I continue to be inspired by your risk taking and know the right opportunity will present itself.

  5. 55charcar says:

    It’s called life. I’m sure you’re more at peace knowing you’re there for your daughter. It’s time you can never get back, ever. You made a wise choice. Take it easy on yourself Inez and make space for self-reflection.

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