The Irish in America

As I am packing my last things for Boston, I couldn’t resist looking up the following stats; a Washington Post article from 2013 had these interesting Census data:
– The Irish-American population is 7x larger than the population of Ireland (blame the Potato Famine)
– 34.5 million Americans are of Irish heritage, which is the 2nd most common ancestry among Americans (the Germans lead the pack, jawohl)
– even though Boston has always been perceived as the #1 Irish city in America, New York City is more Irish than Boston

And did you know that these words in English come from Irish/Gaelic?

bog, boycott, brat, galore, hooligan, phoney, slogan, and yes, the no brainer: whiskey!

As in: I am taking my boy brat out of the Orinda bog, so he can chant Northeastern slogans and imbibe whiskey galore (maybe not) as a Boston hooligan.

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  1. Melanie says:

    But will he boycott those phonies?

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